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"Charlie has quickly become one of my favorite producer / engineers to work with in Nashville. I especially love his organic approach to recording music, getting musicians playing together first and building tracks form there. I’ve been fortunate enough to play on some of his projects and have also called on Charlie to record drum tracks that I do for other projects in addition to having him co-produce music with me. In the end I know I’m going to learn something from working with him and that the tracks are going to be that much better with his influence.


Aside from being a guitar and utility player who comes up with beautiful parts, he also has the ears to get great sounds and keep track of multiple performances going down at the same time. I’ve seen Charlie capture acoustic and roots music with very minimal set-ups as well as get creative and experimental for more modern music.


Quite simply, he gets it; he’s versatile, passionate, easy to work with, and brings great ideas and vibes to the process of making music." 

- Chris Benelli 

Drums / Percussion  /  The Waterboys  /  Ruthie Collins

"Charlie Chamberlain is directly responsible for taking my live show up several notches. He plays mandolin and lead guitar exceptionally and accompanied my tunes like he wrote them. He also added great back up on many of my recordings and impressed reviewers all over the world. A pleasure to tour and record with." 

- Tokyo Rosenthal 

Artist / Writer / Performer

"Working with Charlie was an excellent experience. We were able to record an entire album in just a few days. Charlie had taken the time to familiarize himself with our songs before the recording session began, thus maximizing our time in the studio. We worked hard, while having a great time. I'm looking forward to working with him again!!"

- Joey Capoccia 

Artist / Writer / Performer / The Pine Hearts

“Charlie Chamberlain had to have some serious respect and appreciation for the music he based this album on to give birth to Old And New….Hats off to you, Charlie Chamberlain – you’ve done a fine thing.”


"An outrageously talented guitarist"

-Bolton News - Bolton, UK

"Old and New is one very appropriately titled album.  Charlie Chamberlain originally created this debut as an homage to one of America's oldest traditions, folk music. Ever the forward thinker, Chamberlain subtly mixed in modern rhythms, beats and electronic textures, as well as making the album free online. The result is, quite simply, an amazing post-modern Americana album." 

"I met Charlie a few years ago when my band needed a mandolin player. Right away I knew he was a fabulous musician. When we decided to make my solo album, Charlie produced, engineered, and played guitars. As a song writer, you tend to be protective of your ideas, Charlie listened and encouraged, all with a huge positive attitude. We had a Blast!"

- Chris Pimental 

Artist / Writer / Performer / Lunch at the Dump

"Charlie is one of my favorite people to work with out here in Nashville. In addition to being a killer guitarist and engineer, he's super reliable and easy to work with. We've been writing and recording an EP together for the past few months and the whole experience has been amazing! Love working with him!"  

- Kelly Ann Fauth 

Artist / Writer / Performer

"There haven't been too many times in my life when I've worked with someone and thought 'man, they made all the right calls.' But that's exactly how I felt when I worked with Charlie on my first record. From start to finish, he nailed it. I couldn't have asked for anything more." 

- Brew Davis  

Artist / Writer / Performer

"Charlie has a great ear for parts, which he can also play on guitar, bass, or mandolin.  He has a no hassle approach, and gets solid takes quickly. I always have a good mix shortly after the session." 

- Mac Leaphart 

Artist / Writer / Performer

"I've toured and recorded with Charlie and would jump at the chance to work with him again. He is talented, hardworking and caring. He also creates an environment that is easy to be in, and fun! He puts his heart and soul into his music and does the same for your own.


For those of you who record music - you know how hard it is to find sound engineers or producers who share your vision. Not only did he share my vision, but he allowed my creative energy to be the driving force of the recording process.


I can’t thank Charlie enough for his creative input and for making me an overall better musician." - 

- Tess Erskine 

Artist / Writer / Performer

"I had a fantastic time working with Charlie!  Aside from being incredibly nice, and fun to be around, his attention to detail is second-to-none.  He has a phenomenal ear, and knows how to capture the best tones from each instrument.  Also, he has a wealth of creativity and talent, and knows how to help with arrangements and provide key insights to help improve songs when needed.  He doesn't just 'run the board', but dives in, and puts so much thought into the project." 

- Derek McSwain 

Artist / Performer / The Pine Hearts / Oly Mountian Boys

"Last but certainly not least is Charlie Chamberlain who sets our seafaring man and his lass on their ear by combining elements of classic bluegrass with drum machine and other mechanics of modern technology. Bluegrass not only lives’; it continues to grow and evolve."


"From the moment I met Charlie, he put me at an instant ease. Working with him was a pleasure.. Complete smooth sailing. He was patient and respectful of the sound I was trying to create, whilst encouragingly extracting the best performance from me! He is an extremely talented musician and a really good guy. Highly recommended!" 

- Diana Harkin 

Artist / Writer / Performer

"I came to Charlie with a few ideas, and not much else. He created melodies that brought my ideas to life. Then he created base tracks and all the instrument parts- added back-up singers and session musicians (horns etc.). He did a great job mixing and editing. I had a notebook full of lyrics- and now I have an awesome, fully mastered album."

- Derek McGee

Writer / Performer / Funkinships

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