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Homestyle Recording in Nashville, TN

Charlie Chamberlain and Forty-one Fifteen are excited to announce their new creative partnership!  

Forty-one Fifteen is one of East Nashville's premiere recording studios.  Inside the near-century-old 2500 square foot bungalow you will find an acoustically stunning tracking facility with an abundance of great gear.  

"I am beyond thrilled to be working with the team at Forty-One Fifteen.  The studio is not only beautiful and well equipped, it also has a wonderful, unique sonic character, and a homestyle vibe that inspires creativity."  

-Charlie Chamberlain

"We're delighted to welcome Charlie into the Forty-one Fifteen family.  He really gets our sense of hospitality and commitment to serving songs and the people that make them."

-Dewey Boyd

(Owner at Fourty-One Fifteen)

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