Charlie Chamberlain is a guitarist, songwriter, producer, educator and creative.

Charlie Chamberlain is a Nashville, TN based musician, songwriter and producer.  Recognized for his organic, honest approach to writing and recording music, his creativity, and his devotion to craft, Charlie is quickly becoming one of Nashville’s most eminent writers and producers.  He draws inspiration not only from the deep pool of talent the city hosts, but also from his travels which have taken him around the world and provided countless opportunities to learn and grow through cultural exchange and shared musical experiences.  Whether in the writing room, studio or on the stage, Charlie’s consistent professionalism and genuine character are equally matched by his deep musical knowledge and respect for the song.

Songs From The Road Band
"Road to Nowhere"

#1 Classic Country Album(RMR)

Songs From the Road Band's latest album "Road to Nowhere" is now available at all major outlets and features seven songs co-written by Charlie Chamberlain.

Produced by Charlie Chamberlain and Songs From the Road Band

The Pine Hearts
Produced by Charlie Chamberlain and Charles R Humphrey III

"As a whole ‘Carousel’ showcases a band firmly rooted in a traditional sound and whilst it borrows heavily from the sounds of early bluegrass and country, the group manage to mix and match the genres so well that it keeps the album itself interesting from start to finish, but also allows it to stand on its own two feet as a contemporary body of work from a trio of talented musicians inspired by, but not copying, those whose music they grew up listening to."


Jenna Torres
"If Christmas Is Love"
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by
Charlie Chamberlain

Town Mountain

"Down Low"

Live at Forty-One Fifteen

Engineered and Mixed by Charlie Chamberlain

Asheville, NC based bluegrass band Town Mountain stopped by the studio while in Nashville to film a handful of live videos from their latest album "New Freedom Blues"

A Day In This Life

Get an inside look at a legend in action when the band hits Chicago to record at Electrical Audio with the One and Only Steve Albini (Nirvana's "In Utero"). Ordway and his crew finish writing parts for their homage to Nirvana, "Remember When" and we get a preview of the soon-to-be-released single.

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